URD / Whipple Supercharger System, 2010-2014 FJ Cruiser, Stage 1

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URD has released a fantastic Godzilla Supercharger System for the 2010-2014 FJ Cruiser.  This kit provides a nice gain in power and torque while and very quiet while doing so.  This kit matches the FJ Cruiser very nicely.  Our testing shows a gain of 133 RWHP and 120 RWTQ with a low boost pressure of only 5.5-6 PSI.  The kit features a 2.3 liter Whipple Twin Screw compressor that is oversized so there is a significant amount of head room built into the system for future power stages.  Very large compressor turning slowly and flows a lot of air through the engine.

Key Features

  • Whipple 2.3L Twin Screw Compressor
  • Future upgraded power stages planned
  • Advanced Engine Management using the plug and play self tuning UCON-EMS by iTronix Technologies
  • Need fuel injector capacity included
  • Very quiet operation in boost
  • Water to air intercooler with electric pump
  • Outstanding fit and finish
  • Easy installation
  • Off road snorkel compatible
  • Off road winch bumper friendly
  • No permanent modification to the vehicle needed


Kit includes

  • Whipple 2.3L Twin Screw Compressor with 3.5\” pulley
  • CNC billet manifold adapter and inlet
  • URD 255 LPH fuel pump/filter kit
  • Denso IKH22 Iridium Power spark plugs
  • All stainless fasteners where possible
  • All silicone couplers with quality stainless liner clamps
  • Dedicated belt drive system with all needed idler,  and tension pulley and uses overly crank pulley
  • Use the stock air filter box for quiet operation and cold air induction
  • High flow fuel injector system
  • Advanced engine management using UCON Flex self tuning engine management system
  • Very detailed installation instructions
  • Prototype system has been road tested for several years, from sea level to 14,000 feet, and from sub zero conditions to 110 degrees F.  The system has been thoroughly tested.


Peak gain was 123 RWHP and 93 RWTQ
Max gain was 133 RWHP and 120 RWTQ

This was using a 2012 FJ Cruiser 4×4 with a manual transmission and 82,000 miles on it. Completely stock except for the URD Supercharger system using Shell 93 Octane gas. Dyno was URD’s DynoJet 224xLC using SAE correction factor and located in Owings MD very close to sea level. Boost peaks at about 5.5-6 PSI.

Pricing, specifications, hardware, and availability all subject to change.

Year Make Model Engine
Year Make Model Engine
2010 - 2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser V6 4.0L 1GR-FE

Additional information

Weight 110 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 40 in

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2 reviews for URD / Whipple Supercharger System, 2010-2014 FJ Cruiser, Stage 1

  1. lic.dani.alvarez (verified owner)

    Amazing product. I’m in love with the fj cruiser again. Congrats on the super charger! looking forward to stage 2!

  2. boostdseven (verified owner)

    Wish your FJ came with the Tundra’s 5.7? This is your answer. Loads of torque and horsepower all throughout the rpm range. Very subtle blower whine, hinting at future potential. And the best part of this kit is the customer support! Very responsive and helpful! Can’t recommend this kit more!
    (FJ will easily turn over a set of 33″s now!)

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